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To the Aztec and Mayan peoples, the word ‘Chia’ meant strength—not surprisingly, this crop helped these civilizations survive. It is a sustainable crop with a high germination rate, which means its relatively easy to grow. These fortunate cultures figured this out and chia became an everyday kind of item.

What I adore about Chia seeds is that they are high in oil—35% of each seed is oil. Of this oil, a full 20% of it is of the  omega-3 variety. Which, as you may well be aware, is an essential fatty acid )(meaning the body can’t produce it on its own). Although omega-6 is also an essential fatty acid, it is not quite as special—this essential fatty acid is readily available in Western diets (in corn and soybean oil, for example) while omega-3 is not. As well, many of us have far too much omega-6 in our diets and unfortunately, omega-6 can contribute to inflammation throughout the body. Omega-3, however, actually  helps reduce inflammation. (more…)


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Eyes wide open: here are a few websites I love to explore.

  • A fantastic compilation of skincare tips for various skin types and complaints. This site also houses many valuable recipes so that you can make your own skincare that is eco- and wallet-friendly.  Visit http://www.beautifulskinblog.com/
  • All the information you could ever desire about the nutrient components of specific foods, as well as a massive compendium of healthy and inspiring recipes. It is simple to search by ingredient/food for a new recipe to try each night of the week—you’re guaranteed a healthy, tasty menu. Visit http://www.whfoods.com/
  • An important site created by the Environmental Working Group. The search engine enables you to search the ingredients of various skin and cosmetic items to test their toxicity. Toxicity is rated, as well as the quality of the data available. Be your own health advocate and stay informed! Visit http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

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