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Usually I prefer to create my own oil blends for use on my poor, dried out winter skin, but when I find a product this lovely, it’s hard not to use it.

This oil blend is fantastic for massaging over the body post-shower—it contains oils of sunflower, soya, rice bran, and grapeseed with the essential oils of lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood. The fragrance blend is perfect. Not too musky, not too sharp, just a little crisp and somehow mellow at the same time.

The combination of oils also make for a light, fast-absorbing spray that really seems to melt into your skin. Afterwards? In less than 30 seconds your skin feels like it did when you were 6 years old. Really. I love this stuff!

You can find out more about the company here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Graydon-Clinical-Luxury-by-Nature/157496407624306

They are small, Canadian, and really know their stuff! What more could you ask for?


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Ever wonder how Pegasus got it’s wings? According to legend, without the Sea Buckthorn fruit, Pegasus would have remained a humble horse. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to grow wings myself, but I am happy to absorb the incredible skin healing properties of Sea Buckthorn oil while keeping my feet planted firmly on the ground.

Many oils are awesome—if you read my blog, you know this to be true! But Sea Buckthorn fruit oil contains a rare fatty acid called omega 7, which is simply incredible in its ability to regenerate skin cells. The best way to use this oil is to mix it with the oil of the Sea Buckthorn seed, also nourishing and healing to the skin. The combination of these oils—both from different components of one near-miraculous plant—are a potent blend for skin suffering from eczema, scarring, and even burns. Of course, this blend is also a fantastic anti-aging treatment as well, as it helps cells regenerate in a healthy manner (something our bodies become less and less able to do as we age).

Intrigued? Read on to discover how to best use these oils on your skin. (more…)

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