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If you live in Toronto, you know that yesterday was a beautiful day—a slight reprieve from the hot-as-sin temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately, with just enough scattered showers thrown in to add that lush mid-summer-green smell to the air. Perfect, in fact, for a long walk in the ravine with the dog.

Now, I know, from unfortnate experience, that there is a particular breed of small brown biting ant that lives along the paths in this particular ravine. I know this because both my dog and I can, on occasion and if observed from a distance, be seen to be dancing along the path. We’re not dancing—we’re trying to escape the ants.

Yesterday, therefore, I went prepared. I was determined to walk sedately if I preferred, to step calmly, to stroll leisurely. To defeat those pesky little ants, I carried with me my own blend of jojoba oil and oil of lemon eucalyptus (50/50), which I smoothed over both my feet and my dog’s paws as soon as we entered the ravine. (more…)


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