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Aren’t oils just fat and don’t I want less fat in my diet, not more?

Won’t oil add extra calories and make my food greasy?

Can oil help me lose weight?

Ok, ok, I’ll start adding oil to my diet—but how?

Why would I add oil to my food unless absolutely necessary?

These questions are very common and natural! Many of us have been conditioned from an early age to avoid greasy foods and high-calorie ingredients—and in many cases this is absolutely correct and healthy information to follow. But oil is different. Oil is not an all-encompassing term equal to high fat, grease, or clogged arteries. Oil does not equal unhealthy—quite the opposite, in fact.
Oil can provide us with nutrients unique in character and absolutely essential to optimum health. Of course, as with anything one consumes, there are some guidelines to follow, some truths to learn, and some myths to disprove. Read on to discover the answers to the questions above and why I believe that every single person on this planet—young or old, male or female, healthy or unhealthy—should include oil as part of their daily diet! (more…)


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Welcome to the blue-ribbon circle of dry skin oils.

When using oil as a moisturizer for dry skin, three things must be considered: texture, scent, and—most importantly!—ability of the oil to nourish the cells of the skin. See below for my top 3 oils to use to nourish and repair dry skin.

3. Rosehip oil: Medium texture, virtually no odour, mimics sebum and absorbs quickly while nourishing.

2. Avocado oil: Rich texture, little odour, good nourishing properties—absorbs deep into the skin and may help strengthen collagen fibres.

1. Coconut oil: Silky texture, strong (but delicious!) odour, good nourishing properties—helps to repair cell damage and soothe weakened or sensitive skin.

Keep in mind that skin that is only moderately dry will benefit from the medium texture of rosehip oil, while those of you with very dry or aging skin, will benefit most from the rich texture and superb repairing properties of avocado or coconut oil.

My advice? Each of these oils is fantastic for dry skin—try a blend of two and add 10 drops of tamanu oil per tablespoon of the dry skin oil blend you’ve chosen for added antioxidant activity! (See my post on the wonderful skin healing properties of tamanu oil.)

Stay tuned for more Oil Olympics!

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Hot summer day in downtown Toronto…oases ripple on the asphalt, iced tea in dappled sunlight, a patio, a parade—a full and perfect day. I knew the cold pitcher of sangria would make me hungry later but I was prepared. I had a recipe at home just waiting for a day like today. A little bit sweet, a little bit decadent, cool and refreshing Strawberry (and coconut!) Pistachio Bites!

These don’t take long to make and the inclusion of coconut oil make them rich without being greasy and uniquely healthy without being bland.

View the recipe here: http://crazysexylife.com/2011/strawberry-pistachio-bites/

Coconut oil is loved by many as a natural skin and hair moisturizer—stay tuned for a post on why you might want to include this oil in your healthy skin regime!


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